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P/N S82, Greezy Gus’s Hamburger Stand
Greezy’s (Not its real name.), is a small store brought to us by our friend Bill Laird.
It is quite small, only about 13’ square, but very accurate reproduction with a lot of old fashioned charm.
It will look great on just about any street corner you put it on.
We have changed a few of the roof details to make it more interesting and easier to build.
Anyone with fair skills can probably put this kit together in a week of evenings.
(Although the bench is a challenge.) It comes with an optional interior. O Scale $7.95, HO Scale $5.95

P/N S83, The Rural Church
This is our rendition of the simple Country Church. Call it a Rural Church or Rustic Church.
It is similar to hundreds, probably thousands of churches found all across our country.
You probably have a favorite one that looks just like it.
Even with the fairly intricate steeple roof, this is a pretty easy kit to build.
It will also become a kit-bashing favorite, I’m sure.
NOTE: This kit comes in O scale with instructions to print in ANY smaller scale. Price: $7.95