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WELCOME to the home of CLEVER MODELS on line.
Craftsman cardstock hobby kits, supplies,
Model railroad structures & texture Sheets.

Since 2004, we have established a reputation for creating quality model kits that have changed peoples ideas about modeling in card stock. The vaunted three foot rule does not apply to Clever Models card stock kits. Our collections of kits and textures on DVD and also available as immediately downloadable files are the best value you will find anywhere. Take a quick look at our best selling “Brick and Mortar” disk. There are ten (10) complete structure kits and twenty-four (24) high resolution textures. An entire industrial district for less than a few dollars each. All of our products offer the same high standard of quality and value. Brick buildings, steel buildings, wooden structures and entire neighborhoods, all for less than you might expect to pay for one “box of sticks” model kit. We are constantly learning a great deal about designing kits. Our models always look great, satisfy craftsman modelers, are fun & easy to build and a great value.

Card stock modeling is our passion. That passion has spread to many of the great model builders we have met through this company. Paper is a superior modeling material. It’s characteristics make it flexible yet durable. It’s easy to work with simple tools. Thousands of card modelers all over the world enjoy building every conceivable type of model.

We’re sure you will enjoy working with our models and textures as much as we have enjoyed creating them.

All of the textures and structures, in our collection, can now be purchased as immediate downloads. We are continuing to add new kits as fast as we can.

BE SURE to visit our MODEL GALLERY & BLOG pages. They are full of great pix & ideas.

Really want to build something right NOW but can’t get to the hobby shop. Just click something from our FREEBIES page or download one of our many inexpensive kits.

Come & share your ideas, photos and other contributions on our DISCUSSION page.Thanks for visiting.

Dave Miecznikowski


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