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Just put metric equivalents information on the FAQ page

We have had many questions about metric equivalents to our standard American page size and weights, so I looked up what I feel is relavant and posted it on the FAQ page.


Attention Martin Hudy (or anyone who knows him)


I am trying to send you the replacement downloads that you asked for but whenever I send you email it comes back undeliverable.  So, if you read this, send me another email with your phone number so we can try to figure out what is happening.

Dave Miecznikowski Clever Models LLC <>


A new Kit Bash from Bob Bruce

Bob Bruce is and has been one of our most prolific builders.  He continually combines and modifies our kits into something new and different as you can see here.  If you look closely, you will find parts from not only kits but textures too.  Great job Bob.

Bob says, it is O scale.  The right building is the right front of the Wood & Steel Complex printed twice, once in reverse, and joined at the center.  The tanks are wrapping paper rolls wrapped with your TO-344 (printed at 60%)  The sides of the building are made slightly deeper with bits of front wall.  The tank cars are also Clever Models, from your Critters collection.






Hi everyone.  As some of you probably know, I have been trying to find a counter to post on this site you continually display how many items have been sold (since 2/2) because when we reach 200, it will trigger the release of th next freebie.

Unfortunately, I can’t find anything that I can link into Paypal or Payloadz to keep track.  I can get to number of sales, but not individual item counts.

BUT< NEVER FEAR!!!  Until I do figure it out, I will occasionally, (as often as I remember to) count the sales and put a number somewhere (I don’t know where yet) somewhere on the website, for all to see.

We are currently at 139 individual items sold.  This coresponds to 66 sales transactions.