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Houston, we have a problem?

Hello everyone.  NO, it’s not a big problem.  As you can see by the MAGIC NUMBER, we are almost at 200 again.  Here’s the problem.  We don’t have a new FREEBIE ready yet.  Apparently Thom has had an issue (problem?) with his computer and hasn’t made as much headway as he wanted.  SO, there is going to be a delay in posting the next freebie.  Don’t know how long.  Stay tuned.  It will be worth waiting for. (I think.  I haven’t actually SEEN it yet, but it SOUNDS like a winner.



We here, at CLEVER MODELS LLC, would like to wish all of our customers a very happy Thanksgiving.  We are all very thankful for each and every one of you.  Have a wonderful and safe holiday.



OK folks, when was the last time you bought a computer with a DVD drive?  The’re getting harder and harder to find.  So, we’ve decided to put all of our existing stock of DVD’s on sale for HALF PRICE!  Some are already sold out, but until there gone, you have a great opportunity to add to your Clever Models resources.  Haven’t quite figured out if or how I will display the amount left, but for now, here’s the list.  We are also looking around to see if there are any unsold items still in various shops, so some sold out items may become available.  If an item sells out, your transaction may still go through.  We will contact you to give you some options.  In the future, for those of you that simply MUST have a tangible item to hold in your hand, will be transitioning to flash drives.

Current list as of 12/08/2018

Waterfront: O = SOLD OUT, HO = 5
1st. Street: SOLD OUT
Brick & Mortar: O = SOLD OUT, HO = 5
Neighborhood: O = SOLD OUT, HO = 6
Steel: O = SOLD OUT, HO = 2
Wood: O = 3, HO = 3
Jackson Vol 1: O = SOLD OUT, HO = 7
Jackson Vol 2: O = SOLD OUT, HO = 6
Jackson Vol 3: O = 1, HO = 7
Jackson Vol 4: O = SOLD OUT, HO = 5
Jackson Vol 5: O =2, HO = 3
Textures Vol 1: 4
Textures Vol 2: 3
Critters & Cars: SOLD OUT
Gorre & Daphetid: O = SOLD OUT, HO =4

This is how to NOT store a paper model.

I have been working on the Electric Overhead Traveling Crane for well over a year now.  Actually closer to two.  The problem I am having with the completion is coming up with a suitable operators cab.  Well, when I hit a stone wall, I typically put the kit aside for a while and just occasionally think about it until the lightbulb, over my head, comes on.  Well, that finally happened with the crane, but when I went to unpack it, I discovered that soneone (me) must have stored something rather heavy on top of the box it was in.  Well, now with fresh resolve, I am begining again to do a test build, this time in HO scale, rather than my traditional O.  I just thought you might get a hoot from the picks of my inspiration.