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Wood's mill update

Wood’s mill will be complete in the next couple of days. I want it ready for Trainfest in Milwaukee.

One hold up has been the waterwheel itsself. The horizontal slats that catch the water on the prototype are angled to catch the water like a bucket. Some waterwheels have flat boards that are just streight up and down. I couldent decide weather to be accurate to the prototype or make the model easier to build. After looking at a lot of prototypes Ive decided that the easier way is just as prototype as the hard way so thats the way im going. With this decision made there’s nothing holding me back from commiting to the final state of the kit.

Clever modiles mobile

As you may remember I have moved into a 30ft RV with the idea of traveling between shows more often. We have hit a snag. A small windshield crack has kept me off the road because I can’t get registration before I fix the windshield. That piece of glass is over $700.00 bucks and with our sales currently being so down, Its not going to get fixed anytime soon.
I wonder if I can crowd fund the windshield?


3 More Textures now available

I think you will like these.  They are a bit different than usual. The first two are tile floors that you just cut to any size and shape.  The third is even more unique.  It’s an Ochre colored Wallpaper with Brown stripes and dark wood Crown Moulding and Wainscoting that you can layer on top of the wallpaper to give it some depth of dimension.  The HO and N scale sizes get really delicate, so it may not be for everyone and if you don’t like it or can’t make it work for you, let me know.  The walpaper comes 16’ tall so you can trim it to fit any wall height.


Things to come

Just a mock up but…..


8 More Textures now available

We are finally getting around to putting all of the new textures that have been rattling around forever up on the website.  Sorry that they are a bit more expensive.  We are debating whether or not to make them available on a DVD.  Not sure how we will make it fair for everyone who wants to buy a DVD, but has already shelled out the money for the individual textures.  Never fear.  We will work it out.  DVD probably wouldn’t be available until Trainfest in November.