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Anyone know Chris P.

Just got some positive feedback from Chris P. in Tasmania, about how much he enjoyed building the Small and Large Steel Mill Buildings.  I wanted to get back to him, but unfortunately, he didn’t provide an email address.  If any of you know Chris, would you please ask him to get back in touch at <>.

Thanks Dave Miecznikowski


The Magic Number has reset again!

For those of you that like to get our freebies, you’ll notice that the River Barge is gone and replaced with a Small Wooden Enclosed Water Tank.  For a while we called it The Narrow Gauge Water Tower, but it is suitable for any gauge.  Just make sure the loco’s fit under the spout.  Enjoy!!


This is what is on Patrick Konkle's workbench!

Got these pix from Patrick about a week ago (with many others).  Finally found the time to get them up.

Some really beautiful “scratch-bashing”.  He says there is still more development to be done in the Cannery scene.  Can’t wait to see it completed.  Really a great job, Patrick.  Thanks for sharing.


Just an update to those of you new to this website.

You may be wondering what the “MAGIC NUMBER” is all about.  We have always had some free kits available on the FREEBIES page of this website.  We would put up a new kit whenever we felt like it.  A few months ago we decided that YOU the customer would get involved with how often we add a new kit. SO the MAGIC NUMBER.  It represents the number of items sold since the last freebie was added to the page.  Every time the number reaches 200, a new freebie gets put up and the previous one vanishes.  SO, how offten we deliver a new freebie is totally up to you.  The more items you buy the sooner there will be a new free kit.   BUY, BUY, BUY!