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Just a quick report. (And maybe some ranting.)

Friday I went to the annual O scale meet in Indianapolis.  This year it is an O scale / S scale dual meet put on by a new sponsor, the O scale Resource and S scale Resource e-zines.  I wasn’t expecting much as I have been dissappointed by this show when it was operated by others.

It was really pretty good.  Saw a lot of old friends.  I would recomment it.  There were 5 operating layouts, 3 in On30, 1 in regular O and one in Proto 48.

Now for the rant part.  Since getting older and trying to sell our products to a maturing customer base, one of the excuses that I would get from folks attending shows is “I’m not at the point of buying structures yet, I’m still working out my track plan.”  I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard this from guys 10 years my senior and I’m 68.  I saw a guy pushing a walker to the parking lot with a big box of brass locomotive.  Wake up guys!  It might just be a bit late to START that layout.  Now, I’m not trying to kill anybody’s dream, but let’s be realistic.  Y’all need to get some track down and run some trains.

The one thing I noticed, that I really didn’t like was all of the pre-built structures available.  The stuff from Woodland Senics and Menards is unfortunately for Clever Models LLC, really nice.  Yup, you pay a lot for it, but I saw a lot of it going out the door.


I do appreciate all you out there that buy our products.  I Really, Really do!  End of rant.



Another set of great builds. This time scratch-built!

Got these pix from Sean Galvin a short while ago.  I really like the sharp, crisp corners of this build.  The sign of a true craftsman.

This building make great use of our Neat Red Brick, Medium Concrete and Silver Corrugated Steel.

This one uses our White Painted Corrugated Steel.

More of our Neat Red Brick in this really imposing Freight House.  All of these builds are in HO scale.

Fantastic work Sean.  Thanks for sharing.


Finally, Success!!!

Who knew that files loaded to the download section of the FREEBIES page are not allowed to have an apostrophy in the title.  I should have known.  That’s usually a NO-NO, but like I said, STUFF HAPPENS, brain farts included.  Anyway, you should be able to download Lucky’s now.  If you experience anything odd, please let me know at, and try to be specific.


Well, This is interesting!

Loyal friends. So if you are following the Magic Number, you’ve notices that we are rediculosely close to a new freebie.  Well, we are actually over 200, but for some reason, the new freebie won’t load to the website.  Might be something wrong with the files.  I don’t know, but I am working on it and as soon as I figure this out, it will be up.  Sorry for the delay, but STUFF HAPPENS!!!  Stay tuned.