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GALLERY / GET MODELS page update 01/20/2018

Well if you compare the information in the last BLOG entry to what the GALLERY looks like now, you will probably realize that things are moving along, but not quite as planned.  We now have 20 pages.  Probably have 23 or 24 by the time I’m done.  I’m hoping to have everything done some time next week.  I’m discovering coding issues as I go along and making corrections.  I wasn’t very knowledgable when I did this originally.  Hopefully, the way I am doing things will make life more organized and a bit easier to update.  That’s all for now.  And again, everything still works.  You can buy from any page that has a button for the product that you want.  If you find something that doesn’t work, please let me know.  Thanks for your patience.


GALLERY / GET MODELS page update

Just want to keep everyone informed with my progress.  If you go to the GALLERY PAGE, the first thing you will notice is that there are more pages, 18 in stead of 13.  I’m putting less on each page to make it more readable.  (I hope.)  Also pages 10 thru 18 are pretty much the way I want them.  Now I’m in a bit of a bottleneck.  I need to temporarily, make more room to move things around, so things will look funny for a couple of days.  Previously I said that there would be duplicates of some kits, but everything would still work, and it does.  I will be eliminating some of the OLD duplicates.  Kits that may have been in the first 9 pages will now be found in the last 9 pages.  They will be in reverse, numerical order.  I.E. Kit S01 is LAST.  I will probably be adding an index to make it easier to find things.  Thanks for putting up with the CHAOS.  It will be over soon.


I've said this before. This time I mean it.

Because of the issues I have been having with putting up new kits, I resorted to putting them on the GALLERY PAGE.  Well, I have been deep into the code and It looks like this is going to work well.  So, just to give you regular visitors a heads up, you will probably notice some visual changes to various pages.  I am slowly but surely duplicating all the kits from The GET MODELS page onto the GALLERY page.  One of the nice things about that is that I have much more control over their position.  They will be in order, with the newest kits first.  (Remember I have the problem with things not staying where they belong on the GET MODELS page.)  So, you will see a lot of repitition on those pages.  All the links will still work.  You can buy from anywhere you see a button.  I’m just tyring to keep things looking the same to any newcommers.  Eventually, the Gallery page will get renamed and the old Get Models page will disappear.


Covered Wooden Tanks, Kit S112, is now available on the GALLERY PAGE