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Shop for Model Kits Page has just been added with a new Kit

Just put up City Ice & Beverage on Page 25.  We know very little about this building and what we do know is very sketchy.  We worked from just the single photo that you will see on the kit page.  We have tried the usual research methods to no avail.  Found a modern day City Ice & Beverage, but it is not the same.  If you know this building, please use the CONTACT page to let us know.  I would love to enhance and make this model more accurate.


Market Research is a SCARY, SCARY thing.

Sometimes it tempts you to try new things.  It always causes you to ask questions.  For instance, the 2 story farm house that was our previous freebie.  You downloaded it 478 times.  We have never SOLD that many of a single kit 14 years.  Makes me wonder.  If I were to SELL that kit, exactly as it is, no photos, no instructions, for $3.00, would I loose half of that 478?  Would I loose them all?  At $3.00, it would still be a heck of a deal.  (I think)  And the $1,434.00 would really help business.  It is such fun to be a business owner.


Observant modelers will have noticed the magic number is 3.

Obviously, that means that the 2 story farm house has been replaced.  As I mentioned in a previous post, I was hoping to have a button available to activate the download so that we could track how many we send out.  I have learned of a different way of tracking, so this download will be just like all the other freebies.  Hope you enjoy it, but you will have to go to the FREEBIE page to find out what it is.  Have fun.  For those of you that were planning to download the farmhouse, but didn’t, you will be able to BUY an updated and enhansed version in the relatively near future.  (Sometime this millenium.)


An Updated version of JUKE'S BOAT RENTAL is available on Page 7 of SHOP for MODEL KITS

This is part of our continuing effort to get all the kit that were only available on DVD, available as individual kits.  This is and up-dated version of Juke’s with added details.  Check it out.