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Wandering through the digital forest

While searching my hard drive for stray textures, I opened my seldom visited non railroad kits. Mostly game related things, terrains, fantasy vehicles, etc. I decided to catalog them.

Over 100 items, including 4 airships, an entire moon base, (alone at least a dozen models,) an ancient cript, game tiles and dungeons. Still more I havent finished counting. So when the train stuff craps, out I’ll have a whole new market.

Theres still a lot of unfinished train stuff no one has ever seen.


Modern Steel Textures and buildings update

Just added BROWN, GREEN & WHITE to the BLUE texture that has been available for a couple of days.

I’m wondering.  Do you need for me to release the two modern kits that we have just released in blue, in the other colors, or is it better for you to just buy the kit and the texture color that you want and use the kit pieces as templates for pieces that you make in your color?

I’m not sure what your answers will be, but I’m excited to hear.  Please comment.  I wish I knew how to let you change the color as you print, but I’m not that smart.  If there are any coders out there, I could use some help.

Oh! I just realized that if you make your own wall pieces, the trim pieces will still be blue.  Got to think on that one a bit.


Modern Steel Enginehouse is now available.

You may look at this kit and think to yourself, “what a plain boring building”.  But, do you realize how many buildings that look just like this are within 5 miles of your current location.  Probably more than you would think.  This simple enginehouse can be made multi-stall and longer, very easily.  You could even remove the foundation and use it for trucks.


Wood's mill update

I’m going to need a test builder soon. Just one and needs to be free to build it right away. and supply photos as usual.

I also have something non railroad to test. a midevil tower (actually a water tower but not for trains)