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$300 from Dan Howland at etsy the Miniature Architect.  N scale and impeccable inside and out.  Worth every penny .


While supplies last !

While supplies last is something you never hear from us.  While supplies last is a powerful marketing phrase, but we don’t get to use it.  Many companies use limited availablity to create pressure to buy now. The nature of our product gives us the opportunity to keep kits available anytime and forever.

Maybe…you see there is a serious downside.  We have hundreds of dedicated friends and customers who count on us being here.  But that doesn’t translate into a constant sales stream, which is essential to our long term survival.

We have lots of new kits coming.  Our back catalog is impressive, (take a look if you haven’t ) so I’m going to be a bit pushy and say, we have something you need and you need it now.  We need YOU NOW.  Find a kit you need and buy it.  Then maybe buy one next month and how about the next month too.  We aren’t the reason you won’t be able to get that new loco.  We save you tons of bucks.

Clever Models is as much your company as it is ours.  You get cool kits for small change and we get a couple of bucks.  You are the board of directors.  You decide on whether we are here or not.  So, while supplies last is pertinent.  No one knows what tomorrow holds.



Hi Ya’ll.

I has been brought to my attention that I forgot to provide car ends without graphics pages in the kit I just released.  For those of you that have already purchased, they can be found on the FREEBIES page in folder P).  Sorry.  I’m adding them to the kit download as I speak. (text?)


Abandoned Railcar Shed is now available

Just put this kit up for sale.  It’s a great first time project.  Its on the GET MODELS PAGE.