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Please read my post on the discussion page about "CAPTCHA".


O.K. The third new FREEBIE is available

Sorry it took so long, but STUFF HAPPENS!


There's a bit of a delay with the next freebie.

Well folks, you’ve done it again.  Another 200 purchases, so I should be putting up the next freebie.  Problem is I havent finished test building it yet.  It will only be a couple of days.  I appologize.  Thom has been off on a business trip (not Clever Models) for a month or so, and I’m doing the development of the freebies and trying to ger another new kit out, so I got behind.  Hang in there.  The count will continue toward the next freebie.


HAPPY FATHER'S DAY SALE! Read more below.

In honor of Father’s Day (NO, you don’t have to be a father to save.), we are haveing a 25% off sale on your entire DOWNLOAD (sorry no DVD’s) purchase.  There is no limit on purchase size.  When you checkout your order, you should automatically see the 25% discount taken off the balance.  You shouldn’t have to do anything special.  BUT, if I didn’t set this up right, you may get asked for a code.  If so, enter X8626875.  Let me know if this happens, because I will have to figure out what I did wrong and fix it.  The sale begins June 1st. and is good until midnight Father’s Day June 17th.