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Hi Everyone.  Two or three posts below I listed the winners and runners-up of the “Name the Download” contest.  They are allowed to claim their prizes between February 1st and 7th.  As of today, I have not seen all of them take advantage of their winnings and I don’t want anyone to miss out.  (They won’t miss out.  We always make good on things, one way or another.)  So If you know any of the following folks, please ask them to contact me at <> to assist in claiming their prize.  I did send individual emails to them, telling them how to get their prizes, but I fear that some email addresses may have changed.  For your convenience, here are the names again.

Four folks tied for first place:  Ron Thibault,  Ben Streeter,  Jim Bisbee (already heard from Jim) and Storey Lindsay.

Five runners-up are:  Steve Cox (Already heard form him) James Iwanicki,  Gael Troughton,  Bill Laird and Mase Maronn.

If they don’t contact me by the February 7 deadline, I will work out some other solution with them.

Thanks for helping.


Creeky Roofing is now available to purchase.

I just put Creeky Roofing Co. on the Get Models page in both O and HO Scales.


NMPA module

John Kosma sent this pic of a module he scaped for a prominent club in Milwaukee. Looks great.



Well, it’s only been 8 months since I decided to have a contest that would be over in 2 weeks.  I guess I’m getting better at time management since it seems to usually take me 2 years to get things done.

Any way, hopefully you all have seen that we are calling the DVD downloads “COLLECTIONS”  If not, read about it below, in this blog.

We actually have a four way tie, so 4 of you will be getting 75% off on all your downloads from Feb 1, 2015 to Feb 7, 2015.  So, in no particular order, the winners are:

Ron Thibault, Structure Collections;  Ben Streeter, Clever Collections;  Jim Bisbee, Clever Collections and Storey Lindsay, Download Collections.

The 5 runners-up, who will get 25% off are:  Steve Cox,  James Iwanicki,  Gael Troughton,  Bill Laird and Mase Maronn.

Congratulations to all of you.  By now you should have received an email from me with instructions on how to claim your prize.

Thanks to all of you who entered.