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Happy Birthday to ME Discount!

In honor of me turning 66 on May 2nd. all downloads will be discounted 34% (Ya know? 66 + 34 = 100%)  from now until my birthday.  When you check out, look for the DISCOUNT BOX and enter the code 2LR48D67.


Update of kits coming

We are slow to release kits. Yes we are, but the reasons are good. The Firehouse has been revised at least 4 times. It looks great. I just saw the test build for the first time a couple of days ago and I’m very happy with it. The stone cornice work looks great. We literally had multiple ways to build it, that had to be tested. The one that looked the most complex turned out to be the easiest to build. We wouldn’t have known that if we rushed it.

The  Wood’s Mill is breath taking. Bob Bruce is test building it and has flooded me with pix and revisions and suggestions. All of which have taken time to impliment. I’m still working on the waterwheel and flume. We are taking something in real life that is a museum and making into a representation of a working mill.

Yes its been a long time coming, but the wait is worth the result.

Spillin Chemical and the other modern era kits came together quickly. Not so much kits, more a system for creating almost any modern steel building. A higher price than most kits but you’ll never need another modern kit.

There’s a couple of others that will surface soon. We’ll keep them a surprise.


ATTENTION! Price reduction

Effective immediately, the price of SPILLIN CHEMICAL Co. has been reduce by $1.00 to $14.95.  If you have purchased this kit and would like a $1.00 refund, please contact me @ <>



I have a new pet peave!!!


I get contacts that say “I bought from your site and I didn’t get my downloads.”  And when I try to contact the sender to suggest that he look in his spam or trash folder, I can’t get an email through their spam blocking software.  So now I have a customer who didn’t get product that he paid for and I have no way to contact him to try and help.  All I can do is blindly refund his money and try to explain in less than 120 characters, because that is all that PayPal allows.

SO, if you are running security software and you don’t get the files we send, DON”T GET ANGRY.  LOOK IN YOUR SPAM AND TRASH FOLDERS!!!

It’s also a great idea to disable the software, momentarily, till the downloads are received.  It “usually” only takes a few minutes, even though we say that downloads can take up to 24 hours, it rarly takes that long.