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Follow up to Another Update (It will never end.)

Thank you, thank you thank you!  I appreciate the responses and comments.  So far, very positive.  To answer a question, page 6 is empty because there needs to be more stuff added and I haven’t gotten there yet. And as a reply to the suggestion to reverse the page numbers, so oldest is on page 1 and newest on 24.  DUH! Why didn’t I think of that.  It is never too late.  I am going to reverse the order of the pages.  (Not the kits)  This is the kind of thing I was refering to in one of my previous posts about learning a lot about coding and making thing more simple.  This change will not be very difficult.  Reguarding the question about the Waterfront kits not being available individually, we have many kits on many DVD’s that haven’t been available by themselves.  I am working on that.  You notice that there are gaps in the numbering system.  That’s because those kits need to be added.  It just takes time.


Another Update? When will it stop? When WILL it stop?

A couple of our regular customers asked if I could include some type of index that would list the kits, by name that are on each page and also what DVD they are on, if any.  Your wish is my command.  I really had a hard time deciding where to do this and I’m not sure I am satisfied with what I’ve done, but on the first of the 24 pages, where the kits are shown, at the bottom of the page, is a new button.  Clicking it takes you to an index of the 24 pages.  There are also buttons, on the list, you can click to take you directly to that page.

Same deal.  If you like it, it stays.  You don’t like it, it goes.  Please comment.


Frequently Asked Questions button added 02/04/2018

We are often asked the same questions over and over and it sometimes get very time consuming to answer them.  Don’t get me wrong.  I want you to ask questions, if you have them, but hopefully, this page will eliminate some of the more common ones.


GALLERY / GET MODELS pages update 01/30/2018

O.K. So the deed is done.  The GET MODELS and GALLERY pages are no more.  (There still there.  You just can’t see them.)  In stead, what you will see is a slightly larger button that says SHOP for MODEL KITS.  Clicking this button will take you to page 1 of 24, where all of the kits are displayed in NEWEST to OLDEST order.  Below each group of pictures are the typical scale / add to cart buttons you are all familiar with.  Clicking those puts the kit in your shopping cart.

I would really like your feedback on this new way of doing things.  If it works out, it will stay.  If not, we will go back.  I think this is better and more intuitive and hopefully will eliminate many of the questions that we receive.

We’ll see.  I’m giving it at least a month.  If you have problems or questions, pleas use the CONTACT button to let us know.