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Red Corrugated Steel Building available on GALLERY PAGE

Well, following up on my previous post, where I said I was trying to decide whether to upgrade our software version or post new kits in the GALLERY, I’ve decided (or not decided, as the case may be) to do both for the time being.  While migrating to the latest version of Squarespace, we will post new kits to the GALLERY page.

The Red Corrugated Steel Building is a really great kit.  Easy to build, but still very interesting and easily expands to just about any size.  You steel mill modelers out there, take notice.


Get Models page issue.

You may have noticed that we haven’t posted any new kits recently.  The main reason is that we have run out of space for kits on the GET MODELS page and since Squarespace, our hosting service has migrated to their latest version, 7.0, we would have to upgrade to get more space.  We currently run on version 5.0 which is an “inconvenience” for them to continue to support.

Moving to the new version will be a masive task.  While there is a migration path, it is still basically starting from scratch and frankly, at this point in my life, I would much rather run trains.  We could put new kits on the GALLERY page, as we did with WOODS MILL.  We are tyring to decide which direction to take.    Putting new kits on the gallery page is kind of clunky as older kits could stay where they are.  We may move them all kits to the GALLERY page and call it something else.  Textures will remain as they are.

I guess this is progress as I will have to learn to do things a new way.  You will still be able to just click a button to buy.  Stay tuned.


I appologize.

I’m sorry I didn’t wish everybody a MERRY CHRISTMAS, but we had a pretty hectic week which included a death in the family on Christmas Eve.  Things have settled down a bit and we are working through the situation.  We hope you all had a very good Christmas holiday and we do want to wish you all a HAPPY NEW YEAR.

Dave & Thom


WOW! We are honored!

Got these pix the other day from Ben Streeter.  You will all probably recognize the layout, but if you don’t, this scene in on George Sellois’s Franklin and South Manchester.  I am told that he took a model of the tower you see here and overlayed it with some of our textures.  It just goes to show you what a master can do with our textures.  He even embossed all the brick lines.  I am blown away!  In case you are wondering, that is our Old Brick, on the walls and our Gray Diamond Shingle on the roof.  Ben is good friends with George and says that he often gives credit to Clever Models when speaking about his creations when he hosts an open house.  Thank You George.