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As promised (continued, important)

If you have not received your mill kit or received a partial kit (32 pages meant I had to break it into multiple emails)

I need to know your name and pages received.

as far as I can tell this effects one or two people. I don’t want anyone to fall through the cracks. The bonus kit will be following shortly after I confirm that everyone has received the mill kit


As promised

It’s Wednesday and I just sent out 17 Mill buildings. There are a couple of you who will be effected by a delay. If you do not get your kit today but have purchased it, the reasons will be:

1 I didn’t get a correct email address

2 File size restriction on your end (it’s a huge kit)

We will deal with these issues ASAP

This has been an interesting experiment. Had the kit mearly been put on sale, experience dictates we would have sold 3 or 4.  Showing your support and faith in us to deliver, made it worth while for me to put in the hours needed.



Lucky & Knotts siding now available on the Textures Page

Lucky & Knotts 10” board siding is now available for $2.50.  (Sorry for the increase, but…)


Gold mine mockup

A rough image composited from the actual art. This does not show the tipple or convayor. Feedback please.