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Don't be surprised when you see......

You are probably going to experience something new with the next FREEBIE.  Instead of just clicking on the file name and getting the download, you will probably have to click on a button which will send you a download link, just like when you buy something. (except there will be no charge)  We discovered that unless we do this, we have no way of tracking how many of you actually download the kit.  Wasn’t really important to us before.  It is now.  Thanks for your cooperation.


Alternate email address for Dave.

I’ve mentioned before that for a long time, I have had a problem that when you click “reply” to an email that I have sent, sometimes your reply gets bounced to <> instead of <>.  I had suggested that you delete me completely from your contacts, wait a few months for you computers to purge your auto-saves mail and then send me an email where you have typed in the address.  That seens to have worked for many, but not all.  So, you can also reach me at <>.  I will be transitioning all of my contact with you to that address over time, but it will be a slow process as thousands of people have the old address.Thanks for bearing with me on this.


Muchie's Pawn Shop is for sale.

No, I don’t mean the real building, but the kit is available on page 6 at “SHOP for MODEL KITS.”


The Farm House is Posted

Thank you all for you patience.  The O Scale 2 Story Farm House is up on the FREEBIES Page.