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July sale update... again

ALL of the July orders HAVE BEEN SHIPPED.

If you don’t see your package in the next week, contact us so we can track it. Because of the volume of orders it is possible that I missed one or two. I’m only human.



Folks, here I am to appologize AGAIN.  This is becoming a bad habit.  Orders are going out the door, but a lot slower than I would like.  We still have a bunch to ship.  I’m sorry, no excuses.  Just know that we are working as fast as we can.  Most should go out in the next week or so.  Please be a bit more patient.


The July Sale is Officially Over

Hello everyone in paper world.  Thom and I can’t thank you all enough for making the July sale a huge success.

As a final wrap up, I thought you might like to share in some interesting (at least to me) statistics.

Most of you are night owls.  Even allowing for the many time zones, well over 60% of the purchases made were between 10 PM and 4 AM.

We doubled the number of women buyers.  Had 5, now 10.  Welcome ladies.  Now I wonder which of you is going to step up with some build pix.  (Even if their not RR related, ESPECIALLY if their not RR related.)

We had 58 first time customers.  A BIG WELCOME TO YOU.

We sold 60 more DVD’s than we did the same period last year.  WOW!

We had 58 more downloads than the same time last year.

Approximately $100.00 was the largest discount amount for one order.

11 of you waited to the last day to place an order.

Again, Thom and I want to thank you all so very much.  All of the orders that we have right now should ship in about a week.


SALE PROBLEM (but it's fixed)

Apparently I entered the wrong ending date for the sale and it quit today.  I just extended it to expire corectly, on the 31st.  Sorry, Try again if it didn’t work today.