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Scratch building

My dad was a printer and over the years he would bring home (hoard) scrap paper and card stock. Having recently rediscovered a stack of Chipboard (that dense gray paper board on the back of legal pads) at least 3 feet thick, I have started using it as backing for some scratch building.

Folks always ask what’s inside the kits and I always say nothing but you can put in extra support. Well, I am enthusiastically recomending “Chipboard”. It cuts very cleanly and glues great. I’m building a mine for the new demo layout and the chipboard has been a great help in mocking up the basic forms to fit my landscape. I am then wraping the forms with our textures and getting very nice results.

I’ll post pix tomorrow.



A nice scratch build from Wes Moreland

A great looking car barn. Thanks for sharing Wes.


Central Camera is now available for download in O & HO


Happy birthday to the CEO

Happy Birthday Bro. #1 (Dave) Lets go to Culvers and I’ll get you a butter burger and a shake.