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My personal builders plate from Dave

Hello again, Dave here.  Just wanted to show you what Thom put together for me.  This builders plate started out as a CAD drawing that I did for my railroads’ hearald.  I had already converted the file to a .jpg format.  I sent it to Thom and what you see here is what he came up with.  I’m planning to put it on a tee-shirt this weekend.  I’ll let you all know how it comes out.


Just a fun side line


I did a couple of photoshoped builders plates and thought what fun it would be to offer them to folks.  Tell me what you think.  Each one can be unique to your railroad.  I’ll send a high resolution file and a 8.5x11 print for $35, but of course I’m totally negotiable.  Make an offer.


Broken link fixed

Hi everyone, Dave here.  I was notified earlier that the “Shopping Cart” button to purchase the Vol. 1 Texture Disk was not working correctly.  Instead of taking you to the ordering screen, it took you to the Pay Pal Login screen.  It should be fixed now. If you ever notice anything abnormal on any page of this website, or maybe something confusing or something you just don’t like, PLEASE contact us so we can deal with the issue.  Thanks to all our loyal customers who keep us on our toes.


July 13, 2009 Comments & update from Dave

Hi everyone.  Just a quick update as to where we are in developing this new web site.  We have been getting quite a few hits on the site, but not too much feedback.  I’d really like to encourage you all out there to let us know what you are thinking.  A quick clarrification on contacting us.  I mentioned previously, that there are 3 ways for you to get in touch with us.  Here’s a little more detail on how this works.

If you click on the “BLOG” button, you will see Thoms’, Phils’ and my posts, with new information, comments / questions to you.  You can click on the “POST A COMMENT” button below each one and let us know your response.  For right now, this is not a fully interactive blog, in that you can not post directly, but only through a comment.

If you click on the “DISCUSSION” button, you may post a topic or anything else you care to discuss directly.  We will respond, if appropriate,  as soon as we can.

If you click on the “CONTACT” button, as allot of you have been doing, you will send email to us privately.  Only Thom, Phil and I will see it and we will get back to you, privately, with a response.  If something, in a contact, make sense to bring to the attention of the general public, we may rewrite it in the form of a blog post.  We will NEVER make your identity public or make a posting that will, in any way, reveal someones’ identity, without FIRST recieving their permission.

Now, as we really try to get this site moving, you will probably begin seeing things pop up that might not seem complete.  We are trying to work very methodically with what we add to this site, but sometimes items will be added that will not be in their final form.  We often work live on the site and things get left for a day or two, before we get back to finish them off.  Please bear with us as we are still (and wil be for some time) learning the best way to do things.  Sometimes, you just have to put things out there to see how they look and clean them up later.

I do have one announcement to make.  We have been made aware that there is a mistake on the new “BRICK & MORTAR CD”.  The files, on the disk, for “PLANT #2” were saved in . psd format, insted of the correct .pdf format.  Psd is a format that is readable with programs like Photoshop.  Apparently, all the disks that have been manufactured in the first run have this error.  We have two possible solutions.  At your request, we will send you a new disk, with the correct files, when we have a second run manufactured, or we can email you the correct files.  Sorry for this inconvenience, but as much as we try to be perfect in everything we produce, these thing are bound to happen.

Thanks for your time and encouragement.  We appreciate your input.

Dave & Thom Miecznikowski