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A little tease of whats on the drawing board.

Being from a big city in the flat Midwest, we grew up on a certain style of industrial building. Working in Philly, I get a sense of the East coast style. The buildings are much narrower and the materials more eccentric. Lots of stone foundations mixed with brick and concrete. The brick has it’s own look too. I was able to get great samples of 200 year old colonial brick.

As I ride the SEPTA rail system around town I get to see the back sides of a lot of distinctive industries. This has been inspiring and I am creating lots of new textures and flats. I thought I’d share a couple with you all. Hope you like what we are doing.



Website Updates July 1st - 3rd

Hey guys, I will be doing some tweaking to the website. I am playing around with different color schemes and overall structure. So if you notice a few glitches or something is suddenly not there or changed don’t panic! Check back in 30 minute and the issue should be fixed. If you have any suggestions or problems please I encourage you to leave comments on either this blog or in the discussion section.


- Phil


Follow up info about my first entry.

I had a customer tell me that I haven’t included any pricing information on the site for the pre-printed products.  Sometimes we just ignore the obvious, so I have added pricing to the individual model descriptions.  As far as the Texture sheets go, they are all still $3.00 each, while they last and I have to tell you that we don’t have much left in stock.  I suggest that you purchase the texture Disk for $29.95.  Hope this info helps.

Dave Miecznikowski

Clever Models


This is our 1st entry on the new Clever Models Website from Dave

First of all I’d like to welcome you to the new home of Clever Models on the web.  I know that we have told allot of you fans out there that this day would come.  (I think we have been saying it will be about 2 weeks for 3 or 4 months now.  Maybe 5 or 6.)

Well it’s here and all I can say is that this was so much more work than I thought it was going to be.  When we decided on a new site, it was because we were pretty much at the mercy of the the person that did the original site, to get changes done.  They almost never got done and when they did it cost  alot of money.  Well this site should be different.  First of all, my brother Thom and I not only have complete control of this site, but we actually took the time (are taking the time, we still have a lot to learn.) to learn how to do it ourselves.

I really have to give credit where credit is due.  If it wasn’t for my brilliant son Phil, teaching me every step of the way, we wouldn’t be where we are right now.  THANKS PHIL.

Your going to notice alot of differences from the old site.  (And I don’t just mean that we will actually update it when we say we will.)  It is a much more intuitive and interactive site.  Just wander around, you’ll see what I mean.  One of the biggest changes is that you will actually be able to contact us without tearing you hair out.  You now have 3 different ways to let yourself be heard.  There are three big orange buttons you can use.  “Discussion” is just that.  A place where we can just freely exchange ideas.  “Blog”  This is where you will find the LATEST and GREATEST news and stuff we want you to know about.  “Contact” This is the place you go to when you want to tell us something that you don’t want to be made public.  So if you want to chew us out or remind us of something we said, that we didn’t follow up on to your satisfaction, this is the place.  It is also the place to order pre-printed products (until the’re gone.)

The biggest news of the day is that we are phasing out the pre-printed texture sheets and kits in favor of disk base versions that you print out yourself, as many times as you want.  Many folks think were nuts to be giving you the ability to bootleg kits for all your friends.  I don’t believe that will happen.  Model Railroaders are some of the best people on the planet, with the highest levels of integrity anywhere.  So when we ask you to share with your friends, but don’t go nuts, I know that you will respest our wishes.

Really the main reason we are going to disk base product is that we have so many more models that we want to make available than we ever could have marketed in the pre-printed format.  Most of our older kits are still available pre-printed, but only on a first-come-first-served basis.  When current stock is gone, IT’s GONE!  There are instructions for ordering the old kits at the “MODELS” button.  Basically, you e-mails us with your wants and we quote you what’s available and the cost.  You can still pay with Pay Pal or by check.  We will give you complete instructions when we quote you.

As far as ONE CLICK ordering, (well 3 or 4 really) that is reserved for the new disk based products.  Just click the text “BUY DISKS” in the upper right-hand corner of any screen.  Read about the disks and then, if you want to buy, click “add to cart”.  Checkout is typical Pay-Pal.  If you want to pay by check, e-mail us.  For right now, we only have HO disks available immediatly.  O Scale should be next, followed by S & N.  We hope to have the O disks at the August 9th. Great Midwest Train Show at the DuPage County Fairgrounds, in Wheaton, IL.  So bring your gas mask and fly swatter (the county fair is in July) and come on out and meet us at the show.

Well that’s about it for now.  Hope you enjoy the new site and feel free to make any comments of suggestions.  Yes we know that some things are still not done.  They will be soon, I promise!

Dave & Thom Miecznikowski

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