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O Scale Disks are now available! (Finally)

This is the official announcement that the O Scale version of all four Vol.1 kits disks are now available.  Thay are basically the same as the HO disks that we have been selling for a while now, EXCEPT, a couple of the titles will be 2 disk sets.  This is because since the O Scale images are larger than HO, the kits require more pages and all those pages would not fit on a single disk.  (Next batch we will probably put on DVDs so we can fit more on a disk.)  If you have any problems with these new items, either on this site of with Pay-Pal, please let us know as soon as you can so we can fix things immediately.  It has been a long time coming.  Next we move on to N Scale.

Thanks for your support.  Thom & Dave Miecznikowski


Another entry from mr flemming

This time in N scale. this model is small in HO. I can’t imagine building it in N.

The pic speaks for it’s self.


I want to build a bridge

Dang, I realy want to build a bridge. (no place for one on my layout) and a steam shovel (started) and a overhead crane (also started) But my brother that slave driver says i have to finish the O scale CD’s. I had to break the O scale collections into two disk sets to accomidate everything thats on the HO disks. gotta be fair right. Ok already, they are done now let me build a bridge already.

And, I really want to go to CSS and the Narrow gage convention.



The first contest entry (not what I expected!!!) Love this hobby

Ok, heres the first return  John Fleming,  sent this V scale build. I’m always saying I want our kits to inspire creative uses of our materials. here’s an extreme example.

Nice layout too.