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Update on Grain / Coal Elevator

Hi all.  Sorry it is taking so long to test build this model, but I think it will be worth it in the end.  I can tell you that it is not a beginners kit.  It’s not particularly hard, just very time comsuming.  I haven’t kept really close track, but this is deffinitely a month of evenings.  There’s just a lot of stuff to do.  The basic model is a central hoist building with two stiled silos on each side and a conveyor house on top.  If you want a coal elevator, there are four discharge chutes to build.  If you want grain, you build the grain discharge pipe.  The model is done and I will have some pics very soon.  I’m writing the instructions and that sometimes requires a change to the kit here and there.  It should be available in about a week.  I always get “suggestions” that we should include instructions.  Well, to me that’s the hardest part of the kit and takes the most time.  The last four or five kits have included a “suggested build method” and so far I haven’t heard any complaints.


Posted a fix for the O scale 5 story warehouse

Just wanted to let everyone know that there was an issue with the door on page 10 of the O Scale kit not lining up with the concrete overlay for that page.  The correctection is on the FREEBIES page and I will correct the download soon.  Just need time to get to it.


Whats next

So, the coal / grain elevator is being test built and looking great (bro dave has asked me not to post pix yet).

The single stall engine house is being built by a volunteer.  Haven’t seen anything yet.  So, whats next?  I’m open to suggestions.


Turbine house

a partial exploded view that should clarify some of the construction.