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Hi Ya’ll.

I has been brought to my attention that I forgot to provide car ends without graphics pages in the kit I just released.  For those of you that have already purchased, they can be found on the FREEBIES page in folder P).  Sorry.  I’m adding them to the kit download as I speak. (text?)


Abandoned Railcar Shed is now available

Just put this kit up for sale.  It’s a great first time project.  Its on the GET MODELS PAGE.


Just need to let you folks know that....

Hi everyone.  Just need to let you all know that I noticed lately that sometimes, download files, which are SUPPOSED to be almost instant, have been taking a while to show up in your inboxes.  As far as I can tell, it seems to be an intermittant delay between PayPal receiving your payment and telling our servers that the payment is complete and it is OK to send the files.  I SUSPECT that it has to do with the busy times of the day.  There is only so much processing power and computers only do one thing at a time.  They just usually do it darn fast.  So, there is nothing wrong, just intermittant delays.  Most have been a few hours, but I did have one of over 24 hours.  You should still expect your download links to show up in moments, but if they don’t, please be patient.  Worst case, lets say a file gets totally lost.  All you have to do is send us an email and we will send the file manually.  You don’t have to get upset.  I had one customer, who’s first response was to to threaten to report us to just about any regulatory agency he could think of and to smear us on Facebook.  Well, had he waited an hour, yes, one hour, he could have saved himself a bunch of anxiety over a $3.95 order.  I think, by now, most of you know we have a reputation for taking care of our customers.  We value you all greatly and will continue to do so.  Thankyou for your business and support.


Just put another kit on the Buy Models page

This one is something you have seen before.  I think Thom made it available for a short time, in slightly rough form for donations.  Well, it has now been polished up and is ready for sale.  It is a three building complex made up of two white clapboard buildings and one tall, well weathered corrugated steel one.  Great beginner’s kit.  Check it ont on the GET MODELS page.