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O.K. Time for a bit or market research.

Well folks.  I’m asking for your input again.  I get feedback from magazine adds and opinion polls and all kinds of other stuff, trying to figure out what you all want.  Your input recently has been great, but today let’s do something a bit different.

In the first week of sales, Hotel Bruce has far outsold the Union Hotel.  Would you let me know why?  Many of you bought both both and I thank you for that.

I’m wondering what makes Hotel Bruce more appealing?  Any answer is a good answer.  It could be color, style, size, whatever.

Thank you for your help.


A very nice mod of the zelmer's kit

Bob Bruce sends his take on Zelmer’s

The model is O scale.

The water tank is from the Small Machine Shop, a little reduced in diameter to fit a paper tube I had on hand,
with, of course, Creeky shingles on the top.

Crates on the dock are from The Waterfront Extras.  They are time consuming but look great when finished.

Less apparent, the basic walls are printed at 110%, as when I did a quick fold up the building did not have
as much presence as anticipated.  110% seemed about right.  (115% was too much)  Try that with a big
buck craftsman kit!


Stocking stuffer

OUR dvds make great gifts. Don’t wait too long to order. Might get busy.


Just heard

I just heard that Model railroad craftsman has resumed publishing under their new publisher with much the same staff of writers and editors. Apparently it’s a 3 month issue all in one. They were going to publish one of our kits and they told me personally at the NNGC that it would be published. I don’t know if it’s in this new issue or not, I havent seen it. Keep your eyes open.