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Happy New Year

What a ride. This year has been one of growth. I’m not sure how many kits we released. We sure put up a lot of freebies. While some larger more challenging designs still are unfinished, we got the first of the laser cut shingle out and they are a success. We retired two traveling display layouts. one being dismantled and another awaiting perminant instalation and rejuvination. We built (and continue to refine) our new display. Smaller and more portable, it represents our soon to be available “Waterfront Collection” and the “Mining Co” DVD to be released later this year.

Many of you have been submitting ideas and photos of structures you’d like to see and I will be pulling from those resources to create new kits all year long.

The gaming material that I’ve been slowly developing for the last 9 years will also start to show up and You can expect to see more laser cut items to be available.

I have informally been tracking our visibility in other parts of the world. I am astounded by the wide reach and corrispondance from every corner of the globe. This may be due to hobbiests in the military who find card stock modeling a convenient way to keep active in the hobby. What an honor. We know that that does’nt account for all the traffic and we continue to be popular in South America, Asia and the Australian continent. Even South Africa and Pollinesia are getting their cardstock kicks on.

 All in all, 2014 should be a very interesting year. 


Recovery time

It takes me longer and longer to recover from the holidays. Nothing gets done it seems even though. I’m working on CM business every day.

I had a great Christmas with a fantastic holiday meal by brother Daves charming wife Karin,

Spending time with my daughter (who has now returned to school in England where she also works at the Shepreth Zoo animal rescue) at our obligatory brunch at Ann Sathers (famous for their cinnamon rolls) a trip to the zoo (daughter is a zookeeper in training)


and Springfield/Amhearst is only a month away.

Good thing I’m staying in for New Years. December was the biggest month for downloads ever and I am guardedly opptomistic that this, our tenth year migh be the one (CM full time).  I’ve said it before but…

It’s all due to your effort and artistry. Without you, we don’t exist and no one would notice. Wether your praising or complaining, your taking the time to be involved is everything.

Hope to see lots of you in Springfield next month. A prosperous, safe and happy year to all.


For those who missed the pre-Christmas sale, how 'bout ???

OK, so you’re upset that you didn’t get what you really wanted for Christmas, right?  Well, how ‘bout buying yourself something really cool, like a new structure.


You’re upset that you missed the big Pre-Christmas sale?  Well, right now till New Years, same 20% off on DOWNLOADS ONLY.  Just enter code number J1406706 at chechkout.



From our family to all of yours, MERRY CHRISTMAS.

Dave & Thom