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I love this

I take the ride over to my brothers and the first thing I do after saying hi to the sister in law is go look at the work bench where my mind is inevitably blown. I should put in a 360* camera but here is just a slice. This is a flat. I couldent really say what it is but thats the beauty. It could be anything.

What do you guys think?


This is embarrasing! Lucky & Knotts is now available.

Let me explain, or try to.  Lucky & knotts was available as a freebie a bit ago and apparently Bob downloaded it and created what you see here.  I was working on some organization of the pages as well as instructions.  (Always takes the longest.)  The stock kit is now available on the GET MODELS page.  Like Thom says, Bob makes the kitbash better than the original.


Bob Bruce kit bashes of Luck & Knotts

As usual Bob improves upon the kit. Wish he’d do this before I release them.


A flurry of kits.

Got an old gold mine about 90% and I also reworked Muchie’s pawn to reflect Bob Bruce’s kit bash.  A freight station is currently on my desk.