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Spillin Chemical Co. is now available.

This kit has a lot going for it.  Three buildings and three types of tanks and silos.  Kit bashing possibilities galore.  Next the Firehouse and then the Mill.  (I hope.)


A discussion about distruction

A customer who enjoys modifying our kits sent me some ideas about making a damaged structure. He wanted my input. I don’t think he knows the can of worms he’s opening. Here’s a model I did as a prototype for a toy company almost 10 years ago. Its 1/20th scale.



Just loaded a little sumpthin to the FREEBIES page

Put a new file on the Freebies Page.  You’ve probably seen these before, but they have been re-done to make them a little bit better than before.  Check out Folder C.


O.K. I know I should be working on other things promised!

Yes, I know that we have promised to release many kits that you have been patiently waiting for.  I applogize for not pushing what we have promised out the door, but sometimes I just have to work on what I feel like working on.  A lot of you have asked us to expand the rolling stock line.  Well guess what, I was just fooling around (when I should have been working) and look what accidentally happened.  Theres still a lot to do and it won’t push in front of the kits already in the queue, I promise.  Just a bit of fun.