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Trainfest Update 10/17/2017

Finally have a location I can show you, to help you find us at Trainfest, November 11 & 12.

Hope to see you all there.  Yea, I know the size looks smaller.  I’m getting that worked out.


Trainfest Update 10/13/2017

Well, we are a bit closer to the big weekend.  We were notified that we are in booth 4104.  We were in 4204 last year.  I’m pretty sure this is in the same center isle, but a bit to the left (as you face the booth), but since they STILL haven’t provided a floor layout, we might be in the parking lot for all I know.  I couldn’t find the floor plan from last year, but it might not be the same.  We’ll see.


Trainfest is coming soon.

Just wanted to let you all know that we will be at Trainfest again this year.  It is the 11th and 12th of Novenber, so just about a month away.  It is, at the Wisconsin State Fairgrounds in West Allis WI.  (Just a bit West of Milwaukee.)  We will have a few new things to show.  No, I’m not telling what except that the Mill will be there.  I am not yet sure where our booth will be as they haven’t published a floor plan yet.  Last two years we were in booth 4204, so I’m going to speculate that we will be somewhere near there.  We will have some good show prices.  Everything will be around 15% off.  Hope to see you all there.


My email address problem solved? I don't know. You tell me.

Hi all.  For a very long time now there has been a problem with my email address that has caused replies to things I send to go to <>.  My actual email address is and always has been, <>.  I have had “EXPERTS” (HA!) look at the problem and have not been able to fix it.  Now we accidentially stumble into what MAY BE the fix.  I experimented and it seems to work, but you guys will be the judge.  If this doesn’t work, I will finally give up and change my email address. (maybe)

I am told that you need to delete me (my email address) from your contacts.  It would also be a good idea to delete any email that you have ever received from me.

Once that is done, don’t try to contact me by email for at least a month.  My phone number is (708) 297-7928 so you can keep in touch.

Finally, send me an email by TYPING my correct address <> into your browser.  If God smiles, it will not bounce.  Theoretically, you can then put my address back into your contact list.

I will wait and hope that a couple of you will contact me in a bit over a month with a word of success.  If not, I will be forced to use a new account.  Do you know how many people have my email address?  Im not looking forward to trying to inform all of them.