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Christmas Village Update

In a previous post, Thom was exactly right when he said that our kits can be used as part of a Christmas Village display.  As you can see here, The Rarig family has done just that.  The Rural Church is the only model that is ours, but see how well this S scale kit fits in.  So, don’t wait for us to make you a Christmas Village.  Build one yourself.



New kit update

The fire house is ready for test building. I still need to place some windows but the structure is final. It has a rather elaborate facade. The Wood’s Mill is being test built by Robert Bruce. The initial pix are fantastic and his feedback for improvements very valuable.

Also, a new store front called “Cash Market” is being tested by Ed Traxler. For those who haven’t purchased the Vol 2 Texture Collection, there is a bonus kit called “Muchie’s Pawn” that I think folks will enjoy. That’s 4 brand new kits that, hopefully, will be available very soon.


Christmas village

Every year we get asked, why don’t you make a Christmas Village? It’s a good question and the answer is, we do. Several of our kits would be great for this. With the church as the centerpiece, surrounded by one of our hotels and perhaps the western store and Smitty’s, a house or two, dusted with snow. It would be hard to beat a scene like that. We don’t think It needs special packaging just a bit of creative thinking. Send us your Christmas Village pix. We’ll send you something back.

Modelers often share gifts during the holidays. We want to remind you that everyone loves our kits and textures. Those that are not already building Clever Models are curious. Those that do, always enjoy a new one. One of our DVD’s is a great gift for a good friend. Order soon to guarantee delivery by the 25th.

Where ever you shop please support small independent businesses.  One last thing, we haven’t been able to get the right opportunity to get the new VOL 2 Texture DVD up un the GET DVD’s Collections page.  Just shoot an email over to Dave at or just send $39.95 to the same address via PayPal.  Sorry about that.  We’ll get it up as soon as we can.


New Video Available to view

If you look down the left side of the page, you will see a link to a video of Thom’s On30 layout at Trainfest.  I’m sorry that I’m not the best photographer around, but it gives you a good idea of what the layout looks like.  And remember that all of the buildings and the trains are made from cardstock.  Most are kits that are available.  Some of the buildings are scratch built or kitbashed.  Hope you like it.  Just click on the title below the picture and you will go to the Vimeo web site.  Click there to play the video.  If you just click on the picture here, you will only get a slice of the video visible.