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From Sean Glavin

Sean sent us this extensive kitbash. a great example of what you can accomplish with our art and your tallent.


I am frustrated! (Maybe I'm just dumb?)

Recently I have gotten inquiries from people who download a file from the FREEBIES page that is clearly labeled (I think) as a repair or replacement for a flaw in one of our kits.  (DUH, yes, we do make mistakes.)  They inevitably email us and say something like I downloaded your free XXXX kit, but there was only one page, when the label on the file is “missing page #X for XXXX”.   Please let me know if I should somehow lable files that are corrections or additions to kits differently.  The free kits usually say something like XXXX KIT.  Sorry, didn’t mean to rant.  Maybe a totally new page just for corrections?


Since you all are doing so good answering my last request, I'll ask more.

I’m sure any of you that have bought any of our DVD’s or Collections have realized that we have many, many more kits available than are shown individually on the GET MODELS page.

We have really not wanted to break up the collections, but interest seems to indicate that you would like us to do just that.

Recently, we have been asked about a particular kit, Zelmer’s & Co., from the Waterfront DVD and if it could be purchased separately.  Got me thinking, maybe it is time to make ALL of our kits available individually.  If we do this, it will probably add another 20 kits to our product line.  It will be a pretty big job, but if it increases sales, why not.

I’m thinking that we might start with the newest DVD’s and work backwards.

What do you think?

By the way, you can see what most of the kits look like if you go to the Collections page abd browse the contents of each collection.