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For those of you that have been having problems reaching me...

Hi folks.  I have been having a problem with “replys” to emails that I have sent.  For some reason, about 4 months ago, my email server has been “sometimes” re-directing your replies to <>.  This only happens when you click on the “reply” button, when answering an emial I have sent.  If you type in my email address <> everything is fine.  I have had some pretty knowledgable people try to figgure out what is happining, but so far, no solution.

So, if you are trying to get in touch, please TYPE IN my email address in stead of hitting REPLY.

Also to all you guru’s out there, if you have any insight, I’d appreciate your advice.

A little background info.  I’ve tried talking to the Microsoft help desk, but I can’t correctly answer any of the questions thay ask me, like password and security questions, so they won’t give me access.  I never set up this account, so I don’t know what to tell them.


Working on a new freebie 

I decided to rework  the “wire & cord” building into a wood framed old  west feel. Ive been  inspired by the Copperoppolis project that  Dave Frary has been  showing recently. Lots of our kits would be right at home on this great small lalout. Our kits are full of character and small footprints. Perfect  for most layouts.

I just need to add a bit more.Should be available in a week or  so.


Got this photo on the day I broke my shoulder 

Dan H sent this real nice photo of the yard shed. I like seeing older kits .


Narrow Gauge Engine Shack now available.

This is kind of a quirky kit.  It probably won’t appeal to everyone, but it has a bunch of charm.  We call it an engine shack rather than an engine house, because of it’s ramshackle nature.  It is a fun easy kit with lots of expansion or kitbashing possibilities.

PLEASE NOTE:  This is a pre-production rendering and certain details of the kit are different from what is shown here.  Please refer to the photo of the completed kit on the “BUY MODELS” page.