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Country Church

The church should be available very soon.


If you are looking for the basics of paper modeling!!!

A couple of months ago I put a new file on the FREEBIES page (probably not the best place for it) It is labeled A) General Construction Information for Paper Modelers.

It replaced three older files, now removed, A), B) and C) that kind of did the same thing, but in my opinion, not as completely as was needed.

This is a large folder containing 5 files that will, I hope, give you all the info you need to be successful in building paper models.

I don’t believe that I ever announced it properly and that is what this is. An attempt to give new and old visitors alike, a good place to start their paper modeling carriers.


Reply reguarding Bunkhouse Chimney question on Discussion Page

There was a question asked on the discussion page about why the chimney supplied with the kit doesn’t match the renderings found in the on the Get Models page. The questioner also wanted to know what the supplied brick chimney should look like and where it is positioned. Attached is a picture of what that chimney looks like and my comments are on the discussion page as a comment to the customer’s post.


A small tease

My brother hands me a pic. “This is our next kit” Ok, boss I’ll get right on it. So here is the initial computer model before any textues have been decided. Grain or coal?