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On safari.

I haven’t taken the time to go on texture safari for some time. Well today I was able to knock around Riverdale, IL. actually along the river. I was surprised at how much small industry and odd railroad scenes are in this small area. Mostly, I found a wealth of new metal siding that will be making its way to you as new textures. In this very distressed and rundown area. I was shocked to find a very active rail side business.  Not only was there a fork lift busily loading a double door boxcar, but the car was on a very unusual switchback siding that allowed access to the loading area 20 ft below the main line. I couldn’t quite see the other tail of the switchback but I’d guess there was another business at that end. Ah, more safari is called for to mine this small and poor area for its wealth of textures.


One more from Dave rarig

I always liked this kit. To see it done so well in N is great.


Lets get back to a few pix

DaveRarig sent us these pix of his N scale “Acron steel”. Some very small and fine work.

I can’t imagine making the roof vents. Maybe Dave was a surgeon in his working life.

Dave built these all the way. No cut corners here. Thanks for sharing Dave.


MRR forum (kit forums)

Currently, over on MRR forums, there is a video tutorial on building a card stock kit.  It’s very simplified, not one of our kits but some of the information is useful.  I say some of because I have to take exception with several of the points that they swear by, that I think are just plain wrong.  I faced the dilema of making a contrary coment or, not wanting to start a flame war, let it go. I made the contrary comment. The information was just too glaringly wrong.

I want to see more cardstock designers activly making kits available. I love what “Scale Scenes” does for instance.  They have a unique approach and the results speak for themselves.  I really respect companies like “Metcalfe Models”, who have been around a long time.

Scale Model Plans (the tutorial authors) have taken a unique approach to what they offer.  Though their models are very simple, they do fill a niche that needs filling.  Only time will tell how they develope and wether or not they embrace a  more quality stance.  They obviously have the passion, but only experience will up their own standards, as they learn what’s possible.  We have seen a couple of others emerge as well who might give us a challenge, but not yet.

We’ll just have to keep aware of the slight but growing warmth under our posterior and be motivated to keep upping our game .  Lets keep our chosen modeling method growing and fresh.  If we fall down, let us know.  If you see a glaring bit of bad info, yell.  (We know our instructions, or lack of , sucks.)  We’ll work on it.  Ultimately you vote with your dollars.  Thanks for being involved with us.