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Firehouse update

After a very compriehensive period of checking our work the Firehouse kit passes our QC AND HAS BEEN UPLOADED to our server. This kit is a monster. One of you took advantage of my $9 buck sale. Lucky you. Your kit is on its way. The rest of you will be able to purchase yours just as soon as we can update the web sight. We haven’t set a price yet but it woun’t be $9 bucks. That would be insane.  It’s file size hovering around 150M.


3 Cortright Tin Shingle Patterns now available on the TEXTURES page for $2.25 each.


PHILLY MODULAR FLAT is now available

When you build this kit, please send in some pix that we can share.  Email them to <>.


a little confusion

A little confusion on the Philly flat.What you see in this image, is what’s in the kit. (shown undimmensionalized)  The previously publiched pic is a bash from these parts. Useful and fun.  Make it as large and dimmensional as desired.