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This refers to the "Thank You" entry in the Discussion section.

Since pictures can’t be posted in the discussion section I present this here.  On the discussion page under the theme “Thank You” Paul Egre expressed his desire to have windows added to the front, second story of Moochie’s Pawn Shop like those Robert Bruce added in his kitbash of that kit.  Dummy that I am, I just suggested that Paul create his own version, using pieces he has accumulated over years of paper modeling.  Well, I thought I’d let you all think about my comment for a day or so before revealing the tidbit shown in the accompanying picture.  Moochie’s is really Rudy’s, mirrored with a different roof line.  And of course it’s green.  The footprints are identical and you can swap quite a few parts.  As we’ve allways said.  AIN’T PAPER MODELING GREAT.


Saw the fire house today

Stoped by to see the progress on the fire house test build. Putting out fires if you will. a couple of more small fixes that emerged but wow this is a BIG building. Plenty of room for a hook and ladder. It has to be at least 72 feet long. The Wood’s mill structure is mostly complete but the waterwheel is taking time to stamp the buggs. It will be worth the wait.


Robert Bruce , Muchieas mod

My brother is doing a tutorial on Muchie’s pawn shop but Bob came up with a nice addition and a few changes that I want to share with you.

He changed it to an all brick structure and added an annex. Love what he did with the interior.

In his own words:

fiddled with Muchie’s a bit.  The best features are the brick wall sign and the cast iron front.

So I made the main building all brick so as to use the sign twice, and used the green siding for an annex.  the
store front for the annex came from your waterfront DVD.

Regards, Bob Bruce




The birthday sale is over

Thanks for showing your appreciation for all my brother does for this hobby